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The message are the principles of uniformity, continuity, and linearity. McLuhan calls the message of this two, "their grammar". Impact on human associations: the printed word, through "cultural saturation" in the 18th century, "homogenized the French nation, overlaying the complexities of ancient feudal and oral society"; this opened the way for the Revolution, which "was carried out by the new literati and lawyers." Limits on impact: it could not "take complete hold" on a society such as Great Britain, in which the preceding "ancient oral traditions of common law", that made the country culture so discontinuous and unpredictable and dynamic, was very powerful and "backed by the medieval legal institution of Parliament".

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Print culture, led instead to major revolutions in France and North America, because they were more linear and lacked contrasting institutions of comparable power.

The essence is the "technique of fragmentation". It is "fragmentary, centralist, and superficial" in its reshaping of human relationships. The decomposition makes a process into a sequence, which has no principle of causality.

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